Andrew McCabe Criminal Charges Just Implicated the Clintons

Last week, we reported that the Department of Justice inspector general Michael Horowitz had recommended that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew be criminally charged for lying to federal investigators. Now, the entire deep state has gone into full panic mode, as these charges may just bring them all down.

Infowars reported that McCabe has previously threatened to take down everyone else involved in corruption in the FBI and DOJ if he was ever criminally charged. His first statement after being charged makes it clear that he full intends to make it look like there is a conspiracy against him.

“Here is the reality: I am being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, the actions I took, and the events I witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of [former FBI Director] James Comey,” McCabe said in the statement.

This comes a week after Horowitz released a report slamming McCabe’s conduct at the FBI, saying that he authorized a leak to the media in order to “advance his personal interests” and then misled internal investigators and Comey about the matter. Since lying to federal investigators is a federal crime, many saw this report as a roadmap for charging Horowitz.

The report accused McCabe of lying to Comey by saying he had not authorized the disclosures that lead to the media story in question and did not know who did. He later made this same claim to investigators under oath, only to later correct his statement to the inspector general’s investigators.

“We found it extremely unlikely, as McCabe now claims, that he not only told Comey about his decision to authorize the disclosure, but that Comey thought it was a ‘good’ idea for McCabe to have taken that action,” the report stated.

President Donald Trump praised the report on Twitter, calling it a “disaster” that showed McCabe “lied! lied! lied!” and that “McCabe is Comey!”

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